Darkness has always been a synonym for suffering and death. It is the absence of light, which stands for life and love.
In representation of our families' victims of anti-semitic persecution over the centuries we include the following documentation,
indelible traces of the Eberstadt's passage through the tunnels of 3rd Reich darkness, painstakingly recorded by an absurd bureaucracy.

Hermine EBERSTADT, nee MASBACH (1853 Neuwied - 1942 Ghetto Theresienstadt)

Anna ANSBACHER, nee EBERSTADT (1875 Mannheim - 1942/1945 Ghetto Theresienstadt - 1951 München

Ludwig Maximilian EBERSTADT (1879 Frankfurt - 1945 Ghetto Theresienstadt)

Emma HECHT nee EBERSTADT (1874 Mannheim - 1977 New York) and her sisters
Clara EBERSTADT (1875 Mannheim - Camp de Gurs and Recebedou, 1952 Hyeres, France)
and Maria Helena ODENHEIMER, nee EBERSTADT (1870 Mannheim - Camp de Gurs, Recebedou and Noe, 1964 Heidelberg)

Gertrude EBERSTADT (1911 Brüssel - 1991 Caracas) - forced to emigrate by Nazi tyranny

Donata and Eberhard HELMRICH - they saved some hundred Jews
Donata's daughter Arietta became the second wife of Walter EBERSTADT, Erlangen

Elisabeth Franziska DEUTSCH, nee KAHN (1869 Mannheim - 1940 Ostende, Belgium - suicide?)

The FELDHEIM family of Köln and elsewhere - suffering heavy losses in the holocaust
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