This page is intended to be a contact platform. Here we will post all messages, comments etc. that we receive from family
members and visitors. In that way this page could be the greenhouse of future communication between branches of our family tree.
You are invited to join and plant a seed!

Some addition concerning nettiquette: If you do not want to have you cited on this page or want to have the citation changed, please email us.


Dear Christof:
Once again I was looking at your amazing website and noticed that you had updated the site with my recent mention of the birth of my nephew, Henry Webb Moro!
Natasha Conklin, USA
, February 07, 2007

I'M doing a class project on our family tree and I need to go back to my great great grand parents but I cant find them on our tree.
my name is Mary-Lynn eberstadt straty, my father is James eberstadt, and his father is Andrew I webb eberstadt. if u have dates that would be great, if not its OK,

Mary-Lynn Eberstadt, USA, February 07, 2007

thank you very much you have been a huge help if there's anything more I can do just let me know.
Mary-Lynn Eberstadt, USA, February 08, 2007

I have been looking with great interest at this. My maiden name was Penelope Vaughan-Morgan, daughter of Catherine Joshua, herself grand daughter of both Bertha and Maria Eberstadt (Hirsch and Joshua). I married Thomas Jago. We have 4 children.
Following detailed family information .......
I dont know if this is of any use, but I promised Walter Eberstadt, with whom I am much in touch, that I would let you know.
With all good wishes,
Penelope Jago, GB, February 09, 2006

Dear Christof,
I have added my family to the Descendants of Löw Elias EBERSTÄDTER and Esther Flörsheim of Worms. It is in the attached document. I hope it helps.
unbelievable work....
Ido Davids, GB, March 31, 2005

Dear Christof,
My Grandmother (on my father's side) was Margaret Jessel (nee Lewis) who was the daughter of Sir George Lewis (and Elisabeth Eberstadt). My grandfather being Sir Richard Hugh Jessel and my father David Charles George Jessel (1924 to 1985).

I thought that I would fill in a little of the missing part of the family tree that you have on your website.... I am Richard James Jessel (brother to Davina - as you have on the Tree) and have three children - Edwina Mary Grace Jessel, David Hugh Joseph Jessel and George FitzRoy Jessel. I can provide more information if you would like.

I was interested to see the Lewis house in London - there is a story there - my father built a holiday house in the Isle of Wight in about 1960 - he called it Ely Place because the money that paid for it came from the sale of the house that the family owned in London - Ely Place. The house in the Isle of Wight is still called Ely Place. I still have the door knobs from the house in London - sadly that is all I have of either Ely Place in London or in the Isle of Wight!

Thanks very much for all the fantastic efforts you must have gone to with all of the incredibly detailed web site.

Best regards
Richard James Jessel, GB, March 21, 2005

Dear great family,
up to now computers were rather silly things to me. After reading the whole story of our family I changed my mind.
Greetings to you all.

Heidi Seidl, granddaughter of Maria Schaefer (born Eberstadt) and daughter of Klaus Schaefer (Frankfurt), Germany, March 16, 2005

Lieber Christof.
"leider" habe ich jetzt Deine Mail geöffnet. "Leider" heißt, daß ich so fasziniert von Deinen web-Seiten bin, daß ich nicht aufhören kann, den verschiedenen Linien nachzuspüren - statt an meiner Arbeit zu schreiben (ich bin jetzt bald zwei Jahre dran und teilweise immer noch im Recherche-Stadium). .... Soviel für heute und Dank für deine großartige Arbeit.

Dein Klaus Schaefer, Germany, March 05, 2005

I just spent much time scanning the information and will return to it many times. I am the sister of Barbara Teller who keeps me informed of the research progression through the years. All the hundreds or thousands of hour spent is amazing and very appreciated by others.

Shalom, Beverly Collin, USA, Febraury 26, 2005

It is strange to hear from you today because I was thinking and speaking of you at lunch today. This must be trans-Atlantic mental telepathy. I enjoyed going to your webpage again and seeing all the lovely additions to it. You have done a fabulous job! ...

I send my warmest greetings.
Fran Loeb Luebke, USA, Febraury 26, 2005

This is amazing! You have put in so many hours of work on this project. This is truly a labor of love. Barbara Teller and I were speaking of you last week. She and Gary came to Dallas for the Bat Mitzvah of my daughter, Dena. I will email pictures to you in a few weeks. Thank you again for sending the link and devoting so much of your time and effort to preserving the family history.

Judy Kline, USA, February 26, 2005

Das ist schon riesig interessant was Du zusammengestellt hast. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, WIE weitläufig die Familie ist. Für manche wäre doch mein Buch interessant. Ist es irgendwo auf Deiner web site zu finden.? Ich habe erst einmal die web site an Verschiedene gesandt, die es interessieren wird. Wie habe ich Zugang zu der Contact page? Ich bin nicht besonders computer literate! Eigentlich sollten die Edingers mehr erfasst sein. Lion ist mir unerklärlich. Ich dachte immer dass Emilie Lion, Schwester meines Grossvater's Albert kinderlos gestorben sei.

Herzlich Walter Eberstadt, USA, February 25, 2005

I have been looking at the Eberstadt family tree and have found my great Aunt Ilse Feldheim! Would you like some more information about this side of the tree? I have copied this email to my cousin Ido who is also a relative of Ilse's

Thank you for all your work!!
best wishes
Elaine Shipman, GB, February 8, 2005

Lieber Christof Eberstadt
Spannende Internetseite! Wenn Sie Interesse haben, Alexander Mohr war der Bruder meines Großvaters Adrian Mohr. Alexander ist übrigens am 08.Februar 1974 in Athen gestorben.

Liebe Grüße
Bam Lütke, Austria, January 19, 2005 (concerning Paul Kahn's descendants in Greece)

Hullo Eberstadt family
I saw your address on an email about Joshuas in Holland. Are you looking for Maria Eberstadt who married Samuel Joshua? They definitely did not marry in England, so it was probably in Germany in about 1867. Do you have any information about Maria or the marriage? Would you like any details about their children and grandchildren? Samuel was a very generous uncle to my grandmother.

Hope to be able to exchange information

Sue Woolf, GB, January 16, 2005

Hello Sue!
my goodness, you really hit me! I always sought for information about her! This is just a quick answer, I'll go into details later. Thanks very much. Take your time meanwhile to look at my homepage and Gallery and 2-Eberstadt-Worms-Mannheim-Frankfurt and the scnd picture Falk (Ferdinand I.) EBERSTADT and ... There you will find Maria Johanna Eberstadt.

Christof Eberstadt

Dear Christof,

It was wonderful to hear from you. I am sure that when you began this project of gathering all the Eberstadt information you had no idea you would be overwhelmed with so many cousins all wanting to hear from you.

I did visit the web site again and my goodness you have done so much more work! I am so grateful that you take the time to do all this for all of us scattered all over the world. I do have some information on my grandmother Ana Sichel. I will find it in the next couple of days and send it to you. I also brought back a lot of pictures from my parents home in Mexico and I will see if there may be some there that would be of interest to you and send them. That is my project for 2005, to put all of our history down in the books for my son and his future family to have.

I will get back to you soon but just wanted to quickly thank you for your very kind words and all your work. Christoff, I wish I could write to you in "Deutsch" but my German is very rusty so I so much appreciate your wonderful English that allows us to communicate so well.

Best regards,
Ana Eberstadt de Schneider, USA, January 9, 2005

Hi Christof !

I am somewhat related to the Anspach family in Metz: a grandmother of a great-grandmother of mine was a niece of Mayer ANSPACH and was brought-up by him. This ancestor was Zippour, daughter of Nanette Nentie, sister of Brunette Breinle, one of the 14 children of Philippe Abraham and Dina. According to my great-grandmother, Zippour (called Suzanne after 1808) was brought-up by Mayer because her mother had “disappeared” during the French 1789 Revolution. In the (second) marriage contract of her mother Nanette in 1786, the spouse, Salomon, Moïse, Jacob, LAMBERT, had promised to “bring-up his spouse’s daughter till she was twenty”. I have not found anything about the whereabouts of this couple after they were married......
If this adds to your information, that will be another benefit of your joining GenAmi.

Best regards,
Philippe Levet, France, December 19, 2004

Dear Cristof,

I am immensely impressed and in fact moved by your wonderful web page. The patience, energy, and dedication it implies are extraordinary. I am proud to think that I had a small part in it and thankk you for your generous credit.

As to Sumati's remarks, Edward Fredrick Eberstadt, my grandfather, became an Episcopalian by the time he married my grandmother, Elenita Juanita Dolores de la Cruz Lembcke y Contreras. She had left the Catholic Church when she was in her teens, causing a rupture with her parents in Caracas. Edward Fredrick and Elenita kept his Jewish ancestry as secret as possible. I was twenty-two before my mother told me about it when I met a german woman in Rome who insisted that my family - the Eberstadts - were Jewish. It was the first I heard of it. My mother confirmed it when I brought it up and told me that she had been married to my father for seven years before she became aware of it.

This happend when she met Mrs. Kahn who to her astonishment told her they were cousins. I understand that the Kahn girls were brought up as Catholics and were unaware of their Jewish ancestry until they were grown.

Edward Emory Eberstadt was, of course, a most interesting and distinguished man, a pioneer in the populizarization of Americana. I believe he was particularly important in familiarizing the world with Audubon. I fear he was treated shabbily by his father, my grandfather, who took as little responsibility for him as he could manage. However it is not surprising that Sumati never learned of her Jewish heritage. Indeed her great-grandmother may not have known of it. There were so many secrets and even lies in Edward Frederick´s household that it is hard to know the truth but he and Edward Emory´s mother may never have been married rather than divorced. My mother understood that but neither my father nor any of his siblings ever referred to it in my presence so I cannot say.

Again let me congratulate you on a herculean accomplishment. All of us who are related have a great debt of gratitude to you.

Frederick Eberstadt, USA

Dear Christof,

I am writing to introduce myself. I am Ana Eberstadt (Schneider), daughter of Ramon Hubert Eberstadt from Mexico. Your wonderful Eberstadt web site, has opened up a whole new world of information for me. Through it I have come to realize how many cousins there are in the USA. One of them almost my neighbor here in Atlanta, Barb Teller. I believe she has already told you of our contact.
The pictures that you have on the web site of my grand parents Ernesto and Ana, I had never seen before.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible job that you have done getting this wonderful family tree put together. I
think I probably speak for all of us when I say that you have enriched our view of who we are by allowing us to see so clearly where we came from.

Ana Eberstadt Schneider, USA

Gruesse aus Bottrop an den "neuen" Verwandten Christof Eberstadt Vielen Dank fur die Antwort. Diese hat mich sehr ueberrascht, denn
jahrelang habe ich keine Parallelen finden koennen, unter anderem auch, weil ich auf der falschen Faehrte war.
Mein Name ist Kurt Karl Heisser, mein Vater war Kurt Karl Heisser, Sohn des Carl Moritz Lion [Sohn von Benno Lion und Emilie Eberstadt in Frankfurt].
Carl Moritz Lion war roemisch-katholisch getauft.

Kurt Heisser (from the LION family Frankfurt), Germany

Hallo Herr Eberstadt,

Endlich ist es mir gelungen den Stammbaum anzuschauen. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von den vielen Daten und Information. Sehr viele Jahre
research nehme ich an. Tante Ruth [Gaevernitz] kannte ich. Erinnere mich an Ihre Wohnung in London mit ueberall Bucher. Auch Gero [Gaevernitz] war oft zusammen mit uns in Ascona oder St. Moritz. Erinnere mich dass im Musikzimmer in Ascona (wo wir jeden Sommer waren) ein grosses Portrait der Mutter von Tante Marga war. Eine sehr schoene Dame.

Ich war eine Enkeltochter von Edmund [Stinnes]. Ich bin Historikerin (mit dieser Familie fast unmoglich eine andere Profession zu wahlen).

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
Monique Hohberger
, Netherlands


This morning before I awakened a cousin of ours called here!!! Ana Eberstadt Schneider called and talked to Gary. I will call her back tonight. She lives in the suburb just north of ours, probably less than ten miles away from us!!! Gary said that she was excited to find out from the Eberstadt website (in the Forum section) that she has a cousin who lives here in Atlanta and she wants to meet me before we leave for Germany. She was born in Pennsylvania; her father was born in Mexico; her grandfather was born in Germany. I'll see if she has any new info from her side of the family to add to what you already have. She told Gary that her Dad has been in contact with you. I will write you again after I talk to her. Isn't it fun to meet all these new cousins???

Hope you are having a good day......

Love, Barbara Teller, USA


Hi Christof,

You have just put me through a tunnel of time with the Eberstadt's web you made, WOW, it's really great, I had never seen the picture of my grandfather when he was young, .... thank you! I am the daughter of Ramón Hubert Eberstadt, son of Ernst August Eberstadt and Ana Sichel, from México. I myself have two children, their names are José Ignacio and Isabela María Echavarría Eberstadt, and would like you to please include their names in the family tree, so they can feel just as proud as we all do, to see our names there.

Best Regards
Eugenia Carolina Eberstadt Hoppenstedt, Mexico


Dear Bernhard,

I was suprised to find our surname in the www. I did not know that Christof - I know him very well - and you did such a great homepage !!! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!

With best regards,
Ralf Eberstadt, Germany



I am the son of Franz Michael Bosch, grandson of Johanna Josepha Bosch, great grandson of Robert Kahn, all named in your family tree. It was exciting to find us all in there! If you are interested, I will send you some updates and corrections for my side of the family. Although I'm not quite sure yet precisely how we are related, it's always great to make contact with a member of the family. I currently live in New York City with my wife Penny Schnee Bosch. As I mentioned, I will be glad to update you if you are interested.

Thank you and thanks for your site!

David Bosch (from the KAHN family Mannheim), USA

Dear members of the Eberstadt Family:

I am not a member of your family, but I am finishing a new biography of Otto H. Kahn (1867-1934; grandson of Ferdinand Eberstadt, son of Emma Eberstadt Kahn), to be published by the University of North Carolina. Cristof's masterpiece, as well as his gracious cooperation, have been important to my own thinking and work, and the same is true for numerous other scholars. This site is an important step, not only in sharing the history of your family, but also in constructing the history of the world. My compliments and respect.

Theresa M. Collins, Ph.D. (author of Otto Kahn The Megnificent), USA

Sehr geehrter Herr Eberstadt,

Christof and I have communicated for a year or two. My great-great-grandfather, Dr. Abraham Heichelheim, (geb. Giessen, 1800, ges.Worms, 1864) physician in Worms, married Henriette Eberstadt (geb. 1806, ges. Worms 1842) 18.11.1827. I believe that Christof has a copy of our Stammbaum.

Thank you for the anouncement.

Hubert Heichelheim, USA

Dear Bernhard.

I am not a member of the Eberstadt line, nor is my wife. Her deceased aunt, Hattie Goodman, married Adolph Eberstadt of Amarillo, Texas. At Christof's request some months ago, I obtained all of the biographical information on him that I could. They had no children, this I know for a fact.

Give my regards to Christof,
Frederic A.Kahn, USA

Christof and Bernhard,

I visited your masterpiece home page and am terribly impressed with your efforts! It is an outstanding example of research and web design which combine into an impressive site. I extend my congratulations to both of you. I was especially pleased to see the photo of you, Christof, with a background of water. Does this mean that you actually took time off to relax at Bernhard's?

In reviewing the names, I noted the Sulzbacher connection. I have a Heum/Haimann/Heimann/Hyman branch with Jeanette Sulzbacher, daughter of Lazarus Sulzbacher, who married Feist Heimann/Hyman. She emigrated to Chicago and lived out her live with her son Sigmund Hyman, my great-great grandfather. Jeanette and Rosina were probably first cousins.

The Hyman branch was at one time in Biblis where Feist and his sister Gertrude were born before moving to Oppenheim. Anyway, if I find anyinformation of interest to you, I will pass it along.

Best wishes for the holidays and congratulations on your cyber masterpiece.

Fran Loeb Luebke, USA

Dear Cristof,

Wow! The web site is really exciting! There is so much info to look at and absorb! Thanks to you and your brother for such a wonderful family history!

Your cousin,
Betty Sherman (of the DOPPELMEYER family), USA

Dear Bernhard,


I am amazed and tremendously impressed by the extraordinary amount of research that has gone into reconstructing our family's lineage. I am glad to be able to refer to this valuable and interesting material myself--and also to show it to my children, who have been quite excited by it.

I will do my part to circulate it among my "American Eberstadts".

Best regards to you and yours. I hope our paths will cross one of these days. And also please give my fond wishes to your brother.

Nick Eberstadt, USA

Bernhard and Christof,

Hi!!!! Thank you for all of your work on the Eberstadt Family Tree website. It is wonderful!!!!! I sent the address to my sisters, so that they could enjoy it also. We all appreciate your hard work and are thrilled to have an Eberstadt website!

Christof, a person also with roots in Floss, Bavaria (where my Doppelmayer side is from) just constructed a Floss, Bavaria website that I thought you might want to check out. The address is:

It would be so much fun to someday get to meet both of you! Gary and I are thinking about spending a month in Europe in May and June of 2001. We would rent a car and possibly drive from Amsterdam down thru Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Bernhard, maybe someday we will get to the Canary Islands! Or maybe you will come to the U.S. We live in Atlanta, Georgia.

I apologize for not writing sooner to tell you how much I am enjoying the website. I have been so busy working at the Judaica shop that I manage as a volunteer for our synagogue. Now, that Chanukah is over I have lots more free time......

More later.....
Barbara Teller (of the DOPPELMEYER family), USA

Dear cousin Bernhard,

I was surprised and delighted to receive your letter, and to see the Eberstadt website. I have never had contact with any Eberstadts other than my immediate family and my uncle's family. I understood we were distanced from the rest of the Eberstadts by my great-grandfather's divorce, and no one ever talked of family history. My sense of "family" has been so small, just Granddad, (till I was 10 years old), my father and his brother Lindley's family; I find it terribly exciting to be introduced to an extended family I never knew about.

I had, of course, no idea that Eduard (great-grandfather, generation 7) had 9 siblings, and that there were Eberstadts all over the place!

Another surprise for me is that the Eberstadt family is Jewish!! I grew up Episcopalian, with a Unitarian and Christian Scientist influence from my mother's side. If it is true that great-grandfather Eduard Frederick was Jewish when he emigrated , either he or my grandfather Edward Emory must have converted. I never knew that some of my family were Jewish. Do you know which of my forebearers converted, or when or why? Did any other Eberstadts convert, or are they mostly Jewish? I'd like to know more about this.

Please be in touch. You and Christof have put so much work into this project, and I thank you for it. You must let me know if there is any more information I can give you to fill out the blank spots. I hope this helps to open the door to communicating with and meeting some my Eberstadt relatives.

Thank you so much.
Sumati K. Eberstadt, USA

 Hola Bernard:

Me da mucho gusto que me hayas escrito ......

En cuanto al Web Page nos ha encantado, lo recibi primero yo en mi computadora y luego le dije a Pedro y a Irene para que lo miraran, mi mamá también le encantó. Por otro lado le hable a la prima Carolina y también le dije de la paginatambién se emociono mucho. Realmente los felicito en especial a Christof pues se que ha sido un gran pero gran esfuerzo y solamente alguien persistente pudo haber hecho tan buen trabajo. Fijate que mi papá nunca nos platico de que tuvieramos origenes judios y de la historia por lo que cuando encontramos el libro de Chris fue toda una sorpresa pues mi papá lo guardo muy bien y nunca comento al respecto. Seguramente es una parte de la historia de su vida que no le gustaba por lo que nunca platico de ella. Tienes otros e-mail de parientes como los de USA me gustaría poder escribirles ¿podrías enviarmelos?

Bien creo que te mando un gran saludo y estaremos en contacto.

Margarita A. Eberstadt Corachan, Mexico

Hola Bernard,

Everybody during their lifetime will ask themselves at some point: what is the purpuse of the live? Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? In that process of giving a meaning to our existence, looking at the roots of the family is a good beginning to understand ourselves.

Looking through this page and at these ancestors who gave a special meaning to life and success makes me feel proud to belong to this family, to have this blood and this name which is now in many places of the world.

Dear cousins, it would seem to my quite interesting if you open a section in the page for biografies of some of the ancestors. May be some cousins can write something about their parents or grand parents to know more about them.

Pedro Eberstadt Corachan, Mexico