This site is a never ending enterprise and will be permanently revised and enlarged. After all, we have to delve back to at the early 17th century for traceable beginnings of the family in the person of Moses Elieser in Hessen/Germany and follow the tracks of his offsprings from Europe to the Americas, often times obscured and even erased by the terrible darkness of intolerance and oppression. Any help in enlightening this family saga is very welcome for obvious reasons and also, because in looking back into the past and our common history in order to reconstruct our family tree we might actually be repairing some of the historical damage: reviving threads of communication between family wings that were torn apart by forced emigration and violent death.  

The main effort of collecting the present pieces of our family puzzle was undertaken by Christof Paul Antonio Eberstadt who has spent years of his life travelling all over Germnay in order to study archives, visit old cemeteries and contact widespread and unknown family members in order to ask questions and get answers. What started out and was meant to be a pastime developed into a herculean task. Wherever he went to get answers, he came back with new questions! Every time he thought he had come to the end of a family chapter, another information would crop up and complicate and enlarge the picture. If he had known the dimensions of this undertaking from the beginning, he would not have dared to start out. After 20 years of work his findings about the family now fill several meter of archive space and gigabytes of disc store. All this, of course, would have been impossible without the invaluable help of other family members (see credits)!

Since he spent his time constructing all this (and expect to have to do that for the next coming years...) he surely will not have the time to publish a concise family history. But your are lucky! Walter A. Eberstadt in New York has done it for us all and published his book on a nonprofit basis. He is interested to show you his sight of the family, and of his times in general. Please visit "Links", read about the book, and order it to support a beneficial entertainment he is sponsoring in New York.

We hope you will enjoy these pages, and if you happen to be a member of this family, we are certain that you will do so. We do not expect too many visitors to this site. But we do hope that, like a magic signpost, it will attract members and friends of our family and in this way contribute to the re-membering of our family tree. And as with a real tree, we believe in taking care and nurturing this tree and thus the family and the idea behind it. Even if from our limited point of view we might not be able to see it in all its consequences: growing conscious of our connectedness with this great tree might open our minds to bigger concepts and thus enhance our existence.

In order to facilitate and encourage communication we have prepared a "Forum" page where we will post messages that we receive. Additionally we ask and invite you to send historical fotos of family members for the "Gallery" and - yes! - your portrait and address for the "Contact" chapter! We are looking forward to meeting you all!

Please do leave a sign of your visit and e-mail us with your suggestions, contributions, or just to say hello!